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Are these boobs big or are they big. How many girls do you know who have boobs this size? Or a better question because you probably at most only know one girl with boobs this large. How many girls have you seen with larger breasts? And if they are this size how fat was the girl? Maybe on average you will see one or two at most women with this kinda of breast size. There is big and then there is huge. I’m pretty sure most people won’t argue with me when I describe Terry as having huge natural boobs. There really is no description that would be more accurate.

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Yeah more great breastage from this gorgeous busty babe. Not that Czech Republic is known as the busty capital of Europe. But a few busty porn stars like Terry that could all change very quickly. I just read as I made this post that Terry retired last year after 4 years in the business. May she always remain one of the most loved porn stars with big natural breasts. She is just 25 years old and I’m not sure if she retired at 25 or maybe last year when she was only 24 years old. One thing is for sure, there maybe never be another porn star with big tits being natural of course that is sexier than Terry.

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I think one requirement to becoming a porn star is that you have huge natural tits.  But not everyone likes huge tits.  I  guess a more realistic requirement to becoming a porn star is to give great blow jobs.  Not all guys like getting blowjobs but most do.  And most men that are married wish their wife gave them more blowjobs.  So if you want more blowjobs you should marry a girl with big natural hcup boobs like this for more Blowjob action. So on a scale of 1 to 10 being a porn star requires blow job skills ratings of 10 and big tits probably are not as important even if we think so.

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I love this costume Terry with her huge boobs dressed up like an angel.  The reason it is so great is because to boob men everywhere Terry is really one thing when it comes down to it.  She is an angel in our eyes.  She is as beautiful as an angel.  Her beauty is as sweet as an angel.  And we like the fact that she has a wild streak and she is not some innocent angel.  We like that she does porn and that she has become our favorite porn star of all time.  Certainly we don’t think sex is dirty.  We think sex and porn is good.  And the fact that she provides that to us makes her an angel in our eyes.  She really is a sweet girl.

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I love this picture of Terry.  It’s more candid.  I love all those EXGF amateur stuff they have these days and I wish there was more of her. Pictures taken by Terry of herself. Maybe it’s more of a craze in the US because everyone has iphones.  But Terry with your big boobs you need an iphone and a clean mirror and take sexy pictures of yourself everyday and then text them to me and I can post them on here.  The terrynova.me  blog.  ME is for a blog of me.  I always thought that me was for Mexico.  But lets make this blog a special place for Terry.

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My personal favorite big tit porn star from Europe.  To me it just doesn’t get any better than Terry.  I love big tits and I love big naturals especially when they look just like these here.  Big firm round and fun.  I guess we should call Terry’s Fun Bags.  I never knew what that was until I laid eyes on this goddess.  She certainly does have fun bags. If more girls had breasts like these I suspect they would be no more war.  Certainly the world would be a much happier place.  We can all wish at least.


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Just how big are these tits?  They are pretty big in this picture that boob looks almost as big as her head.  I always say the bigger the better.  but a lot of people say more than a mouth full is a waste.  Could you get that tit in your mouth.   That is way more than one mouth full.  It’s a big enough mouth full for a few babes. I wonder if Terry likes her big tits as much as us?  Maybe it gets annoying dealing with them all the time because they are so large they obviously get in the way a lot of the time.

Huge 34H Boobs On Video

Here is a great picture of her 34H cup breasts.  A lot of places actually list her at double H cup but her official site does have her listed as 34H.  One thing is clear no matter if you want to quibble over one cup size, her breasts are gigantic. But this is a great picture that gives you a true vision of just how large Terry’s 34H cup breasts are.  In this picture it looks like each breast is almost as big as her head.  Both boobs together are certainly larger than her head.  Maybe that should be how big tits are defined.  They need to be as big as the girls head?

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Here she stretches her big breasts in a funny position.  when your boobs are that big you can do all kinds of interesting things with them.  You can almost tell how much pink she has around her little nipples.  Her nipples are tiny but maybe that is just because her boobs are so big.   And the pink area around the nipple is pretty big too but looks normal as a percentage of breast size only because her boobs are so large. It’s the full package for breast lovers it simply doesn’t get any better than this.


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One thing about a girl with a body like Terry Nova is that when she walks she has a large stature to go with her amazing big natural breasts.  Her boobs are incredibly firm which is only because she is still fairly young.  But it’s amazing how large they look when she walks normal outside under the sun light when she is completely naked.  Her round breasts simply amaze boob men like us.  And we could never get enough of this gem and her amazing boobs.


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